SigTuple Technologies

About Company

Healthcare is not a privilege, it is a right. Healthcare should be affordable and accessible. We, at SigTuple, create solutions that use Artificial Intelligence(AI) and robotics to solve complex medical problems. In 2015 we started our journey to revolutionize healthcare space, since then, SigTuple has collaborated and partnered with leading hospitals, laboratories, and academic institutions to create powerful solutions. The team at SigTuple consists of doctors, data scientists, engineers and operations specialists. Our range includes products that can help with analysis of peripheral blood smears, urine analysis, semen analysis, and analysis of retinal scans. Our products are accurate, cost-effective and they make healthcare accessible to all.

At SigTuple we encourage cutting-edge research in Artificial Intelligence and believe in developing technologies that help human-life. Application of AI is known to make the work-flow faster and more organized. AI in healthcare can be an aid that the doctors can trust. It can reduce the turn-around-time, increase the efficiency of the lab processes, and increase the productivity of the doctors. 


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